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Monday, August 14, 2006

YOU'RE not as stupid as THEY think

In the late 1700's, there wasn't any such thing as a television. There were no radios. And only the wealthy could purchase a newspaper, which often was printed on scraps of unused wallpaper, since processing paper was very costly, and only a small few could afford such luxury.

Back then, if you wanted to know what was going on in the government, you had to rely on word-of-mouth. Even if you were able to purchase a newspaper print, it was often filled with "old news", or stories concocted by the editors themselves. In the late 1700's, the US was a newly formed nation, filled with colonists from England, Spain, etc. And it was common to hear 2 different stories sugar-coated with their historical roots -- thus, in many cases, turning the news into nothing more than a fictional tale of an event.

The newly founded government knew this. And they knew how the people could be swayed so easily by word-of-mouth...similar to the he-said-she-said crap we hear today.

So, over 200 years ago, in the late 1700's, our government established the Electoral College. Its main purpose was to give the 13 states the power to elect the president instead of the majority population. The government feared that if giving the power to the people, they could easily be swayed into electing someone because they were kinfolk or had a last name of someone they knew. Basically, the government took this power away from the people because the government believed the American people were "stupid".

Today, there are 50 states instead of 13. But there are 51 "states" listed in the electoral college. Washington DC is listed as a state in the official electoral college listing, even though it is not an official "state". DC gets 3 electoral votes, even though its really not a "state". Thus, there are 51 total electoral states. Distributed between these states are 538 electoral votes. This is based on how many senators and representatives each state has, which is also based on population in some way.

Since the Electoral College was formed, it has FAILED 3 TIMES TO VOTE FOR WHO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WANT.

In 1824, Adams won the election (with only 113,122 votes), even though Jackson held onto the majority population vote (151,271 votes).

In 1876, Tilden could have been our president (with 4,288,546 votes), but the Presidency went to Hayes (4,034,311 votes).

In 1888, Cleveland (5,534,488 votes) lost to Harrison (5,443,892 votes), even though he received the most votes by the American people.

Since the time it was established, congress has made alterations to the electoral college act. But it is still based on the principal that the American people are too stupid to know who the president should be.

So, why do people vote if their voice isn't really heard? I have yet to figure that one out. Maybe the government thinks the people are too stupid to realize their vote doesn't mean shit. Afterall, they set the presidential vote up to keep those "stupid Americans" from electing who they didn't want in the office.

Only 27 states require their electoral votes to reflect the voice of the people. I do not live in one of those states. 24 states still go by the old-way that the system was set up. The electors basically vote for who they want, regardless of what the people in his/her state want. This means that the majority of American's voices don't mean shit. And your voice is probably one of them.


"There is no Constitutional provision or Federal law that requires electors to vote according to the results of the popular vote in their States."

Personally, i, and quite a few Americans, want to rid the government of the electoral college, and return the voice to the people. Americans aren't stupid. We are well aware of all the bull-shit that takes place between the suits in Washington. We have eyes and ears. We have access to televisions, radios and daily newspapers. We know of all the world events, even though the government has gotten pretty good at their propaganda campaigns to convince us of lies and deceits.

But congress has shot down every attempt to dismantle the electoral college.



They are afraid of the "voice" the people have.

And what does the "voice" want?

one word....peace!

But peace doesn't make profit. War makes profit. Conflict makes profit.

Pretty sad things to base a vote on, eh?

The underlying truth: It will take an act of congress to remove the electoral college. Congress has no interest in removing something that could simply take away their power. That is why it is always shot down once the bill is introduced.

Big government means big business. A phrase that really pisses me off. Bush and the recent oil crap is proof of that, and only one small example of how the government profits off of its people.

Off-topic, but did you know that America has just as much oil, if not more, than Saudi Arabia and about a handful of other foreign countries COMBINED? If we have so much oil, then why the need for imports or tapping government reserves? Because of the FUCKING ACTIVISTS who won't let them drill for the oil -- THATS WHY!! If big government wants to do something, they easily can, but they won't. Making all that oil readily available would drop the price of oil down dramatically, causing one of the governments largest contributors to cut the money they fork into Washington. This would cause taxes on oil to plummet, thus, the government would have less money to make off the American people. The government doesn't listen to the majority voice of the people, why the fuck would it care what a small handful of crazy activists think? They use the FUCKING ACTIVISTS as an excuse not to drill and provide efficient fuel needs to the people. Indeed, big government means big business.

The electoral college must go. The vote must be GIVEN BACK to the American people. Washington needs to catch up with the times. Its no longer 1789, 1889, or even 1989. Its TWO THOUSAND FUCKING SIX FOR CHRISTS SAKE!!!!

Millions of American's believe that THEY elect the president. Such slogans as "Rock The Vote" and "Your Vote Counts" really don't have any impact on the real vote -- which is the electoral vote. In order for it to have an effect, ya gotta vote for senators and representatives whom you "think" will vote like you want them to, then keep your fingers crossed that they do.

We live in a changing world. And government needs to change too in order to adapt to the changing needs of their people. If we are "One Nation Under God", then why won't the government let us be that? More and more rights are being taken away from us, and it all started back in the 1700's when the government took away the "voice" of its people. Its time they quit taking our rights away from us, and start giving a few of them back!

ahh, another hair off my chest....



editing to add the following....

Interesting HISTORY goes along with this. Jump back in time to the 1870's -- Hayes vs. Tilden. There is an interesting site devoted to the conflict sparked by the electoral college failure during that era. CLICK HERE FOR SOURCE

In the source page that i linked to, they give a rundown of the similarities between that election, and the one back in 2000 -- also known as the way Bush stole the Presidency. Very similar indeed:

"The presidential election of 1876, pitting Republican Rutherford B. Hayes against Democrat Samuel J. Tilden, has some interesting parallels with the presidential election of 2000. In particular, the 1876 election involved an Electoral College dispute which was not explicitly covered by the U.S. Constitution. It was ultimately resolved by an ad hoc Electoral Commission created by Congress and consisting of 5 Supreme Court justices, 5 senators, and 5 House members. After 16 weeks of heated controversy, a president was finally chosen three days before the scheduled inauguration. By an 8 to 7 margin, the Electoral Commission awarded all of the contested 20 electoral ballots to Hayes, allowing the Republican to win the presidency by one electoral vote, 185-184.

Other current and potential parallels between the presidential elections of 1876 and 2000 include:

-- Florida and, to a lesser extent, Oregon played a central role in the controversy.

-- The snowball effect of the dispute threatened to bring the electoral count in other states, such as Wisconsin, into play.

-- The Electoral College and the popular vote were won by different candidates.

-- The controversy was followed closely by the public and press, sending newspaper sales soaring.

-- The elections were held on the same date, Tuesday, November 7."

If you're interested in knowing indepth details about the Hayes vs. Tilden, you should visit that site.


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