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Sunday, August 20, 2006

More Graphics -- More Fun!!

More graphics & more fun times are on the horizon!!

As a lot of people know, i have purchased a domain, and am planning to open a website devoted to graphics for all the graphic lovers out there. It will be a free site which will host even more graphics than i've been able to on other free hosting sites.

And there will be more!!

-- There will be shockwave flash movies to download, along with videos, sound files, and other media type files, which are often hard to host on free sites.

-- There will be Adult-Type emoticons, avatars, and the like for those who are looking for a bit more adult-based animations. These will not be the "porn-type" images (sorry guys!), but they will be the well-sought-out adult emotes, such as the dancing condom, whip & chain smilies, and the like.

-- For those who are looking for programs and image generators, there will be a ton of those as well, along with links to some of the best imaging programs on the net.

-- There will be step-by-step instructions for those who are interested in creating graphics, but don't know where to start. I'll also host a slew of tips & tricks when it comes to HTML code, Javascript, etc.

-- I have tons of plans that aren't mentioned here, and i am planning on making the site as user-freindly as possible, without the hassle of popups, and other annoying things you come across on the net.

The URL of the "krazy" site is: www.krazy-kreations.com.

For the next few months, it will be under major construction. During that time, the main URL will direct to the "under construction" page. If you'd like to get a feel for what will be in store for the new site, you can take a peek at the behind-the-scenes building using this link: www.krazy-kreations.com/theatre.html

Building the graphics and designing the site is quite time-consuming, and currently i'm trying to get that down before building each and every page. Once the layout is done, then the easy part of inserting the graphics will come. I'm hoping to have the site up and running in the near future, and completed before the holiday season approaches.

If you'd like to play a roll in the new site, there is a donation button at the top of this blog and in the blog entry area. Donations will be greatly appriciated, because it is taking quite a bit more money than i first imaginined in order to get this new site up and ready for those seeking graphics. I purchased a TON of space with the host in order to house 1000's of megabytes of graphis and media, along with the bandwidth i will expect from visitors viewing/downloading the sites contents. If you'd rather not donate, and would rather buy something, then you can do so. I've set up an online-store with cafepress where you can purchase items. I will receive about $1 to $2 for every item you purchase. You can find the link to the online store at the bottom of this blog. There isn't much to choose from, but its the thought that matters most. And anything you can give will be appriciated, whether its a donation, or a purchase. A special "thanks" to the people who have already!

Both Photobucket and Blogger have been great when it comes to their services, and i recommend them both to whoever seeks to use them. However, once the site is completed, i will no longer be needing their services. I have not decided (its too soon) whether this blog will end or not. There is quite a bit of foot-traffic daily from those looking for graphics. The stats at the bottom of the page shows clearly just how much traffic has generated in just the few months that this blog has been here. What i am for sure about is that this blog will probably not have many more graphics added to it, and i will begin adding them to the krazy site instead.

I am a graphic lover, along with lots of other people on the net. And it has been my desire to share my love for graphics with others. And that is what i will continue to do -- share with you what i have to offer -- no strings attached.

This will probably be my last post for a while, as i will be concentrating on building the new site. I hope you drop by to take a peek, and let others know that the krazy-chic is building again!! Hope to see you there!!


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