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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Project Complete - Music to my ears!

KK Slider would be so proud of me!!
I've been able to collect every single ereader card Animal Crossing has had to offer, including all the highly collectable sought after ones. Now it is complete, and i'm simply in hog heaven.

Now that i have everything there is to collect from the gamecube version of Animal Crossing, I'm venturing out into the DS game.

This weekend i invested in everything i need to play the DS version, including the Nintendo DS system, the Wi-Fi connector, the game, strategy guide, etc. I'm all set up, and ready to rock and roll into Wild World!!

For the past couple of days, i've been trying to build my town so that it will be ready for online gaming. If you play this game, feel free to contact me, and we'll exchange character names and town codes.

So far, Tom Nook's store is as big as it can get until another character visits my town. So, that part of the game is complete. My home is getting bigger, and i'm in the process of paying off my 3rd upgrade. This one takes over 100,000 bells, so its taking me longer to pay it off, cause i keep giving my stuff to the museum...LOL.

My town has ORANGES as the fruit, and my crops are thriving. YIPPIE!! My flowers keep dying though, cause i keep forgetting to water them with the can. Sorta reminds me of how my real life experience with plants has been. LOL. I keep changing the date in order to advance, so that probably doesn't help much either. Got lots of weeds and clovers that i'm constantly having to remove. ugh!

Bruster and i have become best friends, since i go to his cafe daily for my cup of coffee. He simply loves to shoot the breeze with me. I've found that the more i drink coffee, the friendlier he becomes. I haven't figured out what his purpose is yet, other than to become more talkative. We'll see as time progresses.

Blathers has also become a bit more talkative, and even broke down and told me of some of his fears in life. He is also very happy that his museum is now thriving with exhibits. Thats a good thing, but i sure could have used the bells from all that stuff i donated...oh well, as long as blathers is happy, right.

I'm not a big letter writer, so the town animals keep yappin at me about that. But everytime i do write, they reply telling me they don't understand what i wrote. Silly me!! I thought for sure a cat would understand "meow". Guess not. Oh well.

There is one thing that i truely dislike about the Nintendo DS -- and that is the tiny screen. Us old folk have to squint quite a bit in order to see it. I wish they would have made an extension of some sort so that you could actually plug the thing in on your television or computer in order to view it where you could see it better. I'm having a bummer of a time seeing the smaller fish and bugs that are needed to complete those collections. But since Nintendo is going to release their new gaming system soon, which will replace the gamecube, i'm sure the DS system will be short-lived...especially because its a stand-alone system, and not one that can be used with any other Nintendo system.

Comments Welcome.

If you wanna exchange town codes, let me know, and i'll drop by your town, and open the gates to mine so that you can visit me as well.


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