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Sunday, October 15, 2006

My Latest Creation

I had a bit of free time tonight, so i decided to play around with my computer. Its been a while since i created an emoticon, so i decided to do one of Spiderman. You see, my son is all excited about the new Spiderman 3 movie that will be coming out in May of 2007. When he asks who the bad guy is, i donno what to tell him, other than the rumors circulating the net. So i simply say i donno, and leave it up to his imagination.

Here is the emoticon i made this morning deplicting how i see Spiderman telling my son he doesn't know....

My attempt was to make the smiley resemble Spiderman, yet still be small enough to be considered an emoticon. I used blues and reds to create him and his well-known suit. I really hope you can tell its Spiderman. The eyes were a bit hard to make pointed like teardrops, but i think i succeeded. Or at least i hope i did for the viewer. This emoticon is similar to the shrugging smiley emoticon i've got posted on my site. The difference is that its not a stick figure with a big bobble head, its actually a superhero, in full costume.

I created another one tonight. Its spiderman clapping:

Here are a few more of my Spiderman Emoticons:

The above is a screenshot of some of the spiderman emoticons i've made. These and many more can be found on my message board in this thread. Since i've made over a dozen of these spidey emotes, i'd rather keep them in one place to insure that all of them get posted. Feel free to drop on by my message board and take a peek at all the spiderman emoticons i've made. It is sure to be a collection every spiderman fan will want, and i'll keep adding to it as long as i'm making them.


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