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Sunday, January 28, 2007

A Letter To George W. Bush

January 28, 2007

George W. Bush
c/o The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. Bush,

I am an American. I am a mother. I am a daughter of a retired Navy officer.

I believe in God. I believe in freedom. And I believe in doing what is right.

I do not side with anyone based on which political party they belong to, nor do I vote based on party affiliation.

If I were in Washington today, I wouldn't want to visit the White House, nor would I want to shake the hand of my President -- you.

If I were in Washington today, I would drive right on past the Rose Garden, without a second glance, and head straight to the National Archives, where my freedoms are on permanent display, and not tarnished by your administration.

I would read the constitution, and realize just how much you have overlooked many parts of it, including the most important part -- the opening 3 words -- "We The People".

"We The People" did not ask for your selfish war in Iraq.

"We The People" do not have blood on our hands -- it is on yours.

The opening of The Consititution of The United States does not say "We The Republicans", nor does it mention political party at all. It says "We The People".

I am "We The People".

My friends and family are "We The People".

All the Tom's in Georgia, all the Mary's in Oregon, all the Frank's in Ohio, and all the Tammy's in Maine are "We The People".

All the vets who served our country in wars past, and are now crippled because of their loyalty to this nation are "We The People".

All the men and women serving our country abroad, sacrificing their lives for YOUR mistakes are "We The People".

Every citizen of this country, every taxpayer, every homemaker, and every retired or working person is, and are, "We The People".

Every child being born today, last week, last year, and so on...every child in school, or being home-schooled...every one of them are the future of this country, and are "We The People".

Mr. Bush -- you are not the voice of "We The People".

For the past 6-7 years, you have not heard the voice of "We The People". You have not opened your eyes to see who "We The People" are. You have kept your hands in your pockets so tightly, not once to take them out to wipe a tear away from the face of a son or daughter whom lost their father or mother in this selfish war of yours.

Your recent "I'm The Decider" phrase is a slap in the face to "We The People".

Who the heck do you think you are, Mr. Bush, to take it upon yourself to strip away the rights of the American people, and replace "We The People" with "I Am The Decider"?

No! You are indeed NOT "We The People"! You don't even know who "We The People" are.

Let me remind you, Mr. Bush, who "We The People" are.

"We The People" are YOUR boss.

"We The People" are YOUR employers.

"We The People" expect you to do what we pay you to do.

"We The People" are "The Deciders".

"We The People" put you in that chair, and we can take you and your cronies out of those seats as we see fit.

"We The People" are not Republicans, not Democrats, nor any other one-sided body. "We The People" are united as one. That, Mr. Bush, is democracy. Government elected for the people, by the people. “We The People” have the power and the right to elect officials to serve “We The People”. And we also have the power and the right to remove them when they no longer serve “We The People”.

"We The People" own the title of “President of the United States”, and we have every right to protect and defend what the title stands for. You do not own that title. You do not have the right to use it as a weapon to get what you want. “We The People” own the Presidency, not the other way around. You, Mr. Bush, are not above the law, and will be held accountable for the mess you have left for generations to come. “We The People” will not forget.

"We The People" are the voice of America -- Not You!

Mr. Bush, you are a disgrace to America. A disgrace to what America stands for.

Mr. Bush, Mr. Cheney, and Mrs. Rice -- you are not "The Deciders". You are not "We The People".

"We The People" spoke to you by our votes in November, and we will speak to you again in 2008.

"We The People" will not allow you to rip our constitution up in the name of oil, terrorists, wmd's, or needless wars. "We The People" will not allow you to continue down the path you have chosen. "We The People" demand to have our country back!

"We The People" are speaking! "We The People" are "The Deciders", and we have decided that you must not only hear us, but also listen to us.

"We The People" are, and always will be, "We The People"!

Thank you in advance for your attention in this matter.

We The People of The United States of America

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